The Horvaths

The Horvaths follows a family of Roma Slovakian kickboxers that spans three generations. We have been following their training regime and family life living within the community for the last eight months, this culminated in a kickboxing event in Sheffield on 5th August in which all seven members of the family competed on the same night. The family have a spread of experience and accolades, ranging from regional champions like patriarch Ladislav Horvath, to David (aged 7) fighting for the first time.

We have built connections and relationships with the Roma Slovakian community within Sheffield and have been filming in the family home and with members of the local community. We have had access to all gyms and kickboxing events in Sheffield and across the north through local promoters and trainers. We have been filming and following the family at Imran Khan’s gym. Imran is a two-time world champion but has now dedicated his career to training upcoming fighters, including the three generations of the Horvath family.

This documentary explores themes of Roma Slovakian culture and community, family, immigration, coming of age and generational clashes all set within the underground world of combat sports in the north.